OASE Living Water

AquaActiv BioKick Care 2 l

Item number: 51288

Top product characteristics

Product characteristics

  • Activates the pond water with particularly important bacteria strains
  • Provides clear, healthy pond water and ensures good viewing depths
  • Contains natural minerals and thus promotes the brilliant colours of the koi
  • High-quality probiotics strengthen the immune system and promote wellbeing
  • Large container: 2l of the concentrate suffices for 100,000 litres of pond water
  • Removes deposits of dead organic material, such as silt or fish waste
  • Contains autotrophic and heterotrophic cultures, as well as lactic acid bacteria (more that 1 billion bacteria/ml)* * at the time of filling
  • Contains natural minerals and promotes the brilliant colours of the koi

Technical data

Container size 2 l
Suitable for ponds up to max. 50.0
Optimal supplements OptiPond, OxyPlus
Item number 51288
EAN 4010052512884