OASE Living Water

PhosLess Power Flow 3000

Item number: 48791

Top product characteristics

Product characteristics

  • Accepts up to 150 g of phosphate/PO43- in total
  • The specially refined granulate absorbs available phosphate quickly and effectively; excellent absorption properties up to very low concentrations of significantly less than 0.035 mg/l (minimum for algae growth)
  • Allows phosphate content to be lowered to 0.01 mg/l*2
  • Easy and safe cartridge replacement – screw-on hose connections included
  • Can be installed in or out of the pond
  • Can be retrofitted in all swimming ponds and natural ponds in conjunction with 12 V pumps from OASE
  • Optimal for a flow of between 300 l/h and 3300 l/h. Recommendation: A flow rate of 300 l/h for each 10 m³ of pond volume.
  • To select the right pump, a pressure loss through the cartridge of only about 3 m should be considered.
  • Also suitable for use in classic swimming pools and fountain pools – algae prevention reduces the need for disinfectants
  • Sustainably and safely binds phosphates

Technical data

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 480 x 140 x 140
Min. pressure capacity bar 0.3
Max. operating pressure bar 4
Phosphate binding capacity g 150
Max. flow rate l/h 3300
Connection 2 x 50 mm / 2"
Setup type Can be set up underwater & dry installed
Max. flow rate AquaMax Eco Premium 6000 / 12 V l/h 2000
Max. flow rate AquaMax Eco Premium 12000 / 12 V l/h 2400
Max. flow rate AquaMax Eco Premium 4000 l/h 2200
Item number 48791
EAN 4010052487915