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Pond Construction & Landscaping

Easy pond construction

Whether you decide on a classic garden pond with fish, an architectural pool with fountain or for a koi pond - OASE has the right materials on hand for any requirement. The dream of water in your own garden always starts with careful planning that takes the size, position, and condition of garden and terrace into account. In addition to the right filter system, there are a few ground rules that must be complied with to ensure long-term enjoyment of your leisure paradise: Deciduous trees and conifers, as well as plants that develop strong roots, should be far enough away from the pond or protection should be provided with a root barrier. Four to six hours of direct sunlight per day, maximum, are ideal for a pond, in order to prevent excessive algae growth. To prevent the pond from completely freezing in winter, it should be at least 80 cm deep. There are virtually no limits to the design possibilities of a liner pond. A pond fleece should always be laid out under the pond liner to protect against damage due to small rocks and roots.