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Breathe deeply again!

Pond aerators: For an abundance of oxygen in the pond

Every life form needs air to breathe, in order to grow and thrive. Oxygen plays a major role, particularly in a garden pond, because here many different life forms can inhabit a small space. This variety of fish, plants and smaller organisms consume a lot of oxygen, particularly in the summer months.

However you should also ensure an adequate exchange of oxygen in winter. A frozen garden pond is a significant danger for pond fish; oxygen exchange is not possible on the pond surface and through rotting plant remains hazardous gases can form under the ice cover.


Flexible supply of oxygen for ponds
The classic aerator for ponds up to 50 m³ or with large fish stock. Air stones ensure high-volume, uniform dissipation of oxygen into the water through newly designed air guidance channels. Aerator pumps - AquaOxy


Pond aerator and filter medium in one
Unique combination of aeration, circulation, and settlement surface. Ample space for microorganisms that promote nutrient decomposition. Thanks to the large surface and the extra oxygen the overall filter capacity can be increased up to 25%. With its plant-like appearance the pond aerator is seamlessly integrated in the water landscape. Pond aerator - OxyTex


Strong combination of aerator & fountain
High-performance aerator and decorative floating fountain in one. Maximum oxygen supply for the body of water Installation and changing the water pattern are quickly accomplished. High-performance aerator - AirFlo

AquaAir 250

Directed oxygen enrichment
It shows its full capacity, particularly in oxygen-poor edge areas that do not have an adequate flow. Adjustable injector nozzle for directed oxygen input for in-depth aeration. High-quality design with corrosion-resistant filter basket and suspension element. Pond aerator - AquaAir 250

Filter systems for the garden pond

In a filter system, pond aerators are the ideal supplement, since the small microorganisms in the filter sponges benefit from the additional oxygen. Pond filters and their application areas