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Pond pumps - the heart of your garden pond

Intelligent technology for biodiversity

Pond pumps move all the water in the pond, and thus ensure the required oxygen supply. A filter and watercourse pump must be designed in such a manner that it can pump a particularly high volume of water, plus the contaminants introduced into the pond through leaves, floating plants or animals, to the filter. To clean the water, a filter is then required.

Selection of a sufficiently powerful pond pump is the key factor for the subsequent water quality.

AquaMax Eco Classic


The completely redesigned, reliable and energy-efficient classic is the ideal partner for entry in the garden pond theme. Uncompromisingly reliable, with high cleaning force, it pumps pond water and coarse debris particles, up to 8 mm in size, into a filter. View products

AquaMax Eco Premium


This clever further development of the filter and watercourse pump now saves even more energy, at the same convincing flow rate, and with its new design it also displaces every other product. For more effective filter performance, filter accessories can be connected on its second, patented inlet, to simultaneously displace the water from multiple pond zones. View products

AquaMax Dry

Especially for separate dry installation

This particularly powerful filter and watercourse pump has been developed especially for dry installation. It is installed below the level of the water surface and is extremely quiet in operation. View products

AquaMax Eco Twin

Powerful with flexible capacity adjustment

The delivery capacity of this unusually powerful pump range can be individually regulated with two motors - conveniently by remote control. View products

AquaMax Expert

Extreme performance for large installations

The pump range for watercourses or for feeding filters offers three capacity variants that can deliver between 20,000 and 41,000 litres of water per hour. View products

AquaMax Gravity Eco

For koi ponds and swim ponds

Thanks to gravitation-optimised technology this pump range is specially suited for the requirements of gravity-fed filter systems. It is completely winter proof to –20° and thanks to the stainless steel basket in the filter, coarse debris particles to 6 mm in size can easily be removed. View products