OASE Living Water

biOrb AIR

Top product characteristics

  • An automated terrarium that offers hassle-free plant care
  • Can be filled with hard-to-maintain exotic plants
  • Now you can feel the benefit of seeing the natural world, indoors.

Product details

Plastic plate

A plastic plate for use in biOrb AIR.

Capillary mat

Attaching the capillary mat to the plastic plate. The green capillary mat is made of PP, PET and viscose. The traditional capillary mat enables excellent capillary effect from the water storage unit in the base.

Filter cartridge

The filter cartridge is located in the lid and must be replaced every six months.

Misting unit

The biOrb AIR reminds you to fill the automatic misting unit by flashing the lights. This will ensure regular and automatic misting of the plants. A starter supply of Humidimist is included in the scope of delivery.

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