OASE Living Water

IR Control Set

Top product characteristics

  • Controls up to six HighLine Premium LEDs simultaneously
  • With dimmer, colour selection and preset daily scenarios
  • The remote control is discreetly attached to the outside of the cabinet

Product details

Included in delivery:

Infrared receiver, remote control and Y adapter for connecting two LEDs. Required accessories: OASE Control Aquarium transformer and a power adapter, where appropriate.

Different light colours:

Choose from three different daylight colours (warm white, neutral white, cold white) and two different moonlight intensities.

Daily scenarios:

Choose from one of four pre-programmed daily schedules: Community aquarium, Amazon, Malawi and Aquascaping tank – with and without moonlight


The discreet remote controls the daytime scenarios, colour and brightness of up to 6 HighLine LEDs. A two-metre range, excellent value for money and a space-saving solution. The OASE Control Aquarium Transformer 120 W is required for operation.

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