OASE Living Water

StreamMax Premium

Integrated warning functionYou will receive a notification as soon as the aquarium's ecosystem becomes unbalanced (e.g. in the event of a pump failure).

Top product characteristics

  • Regulate flow with the pump controller or call up pre-programmed daily scenarios
  • Generates natural water movements in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • Saves energy, runs quietly, requires little maintenance: This is a high-quality pump

Product details

Aquarium Controller:

The controller makes it easy to select pre-programmed flow profiles or to adjust them as desired.

StreamMax Pump Controller:

Everything under control: You can select pre-programmed flow profiles on the controller itself.

Perfectly natural:

The flow adapter creates wide and narrow flow patterns so that different water movements can be generated for freshwater and saltwater.

Keep aquarium inhabitants safe:

The suction protection prevents aquarium inhabitants from entering the inside of the pump (optional accessory).


For a natural flow of water in your aquarium. Runs quietly and is low maintenance and energy efficient. Pump Controller and Aquarium Controller make regulating the flow rate quick and easy. Includes strong magnetic holder.

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