OASE Living Water

biOrb CUBE 60 LED black

Item number: 72023

Top product characteristics

  • All-in-one kit. Everything you need to start your aquarium is included
  • Available with Standard or Multi-Coloured light
  • Choose from White, Black or Transparent

Technical data

Volume in litres l 60
Colour Black
Suitable for freshwater Yes
Suitable for saltwater Yes
Rated voltage air pump 12 V DC / 50 Hz
Power consumption air pump W 0.8
Bulb type LED
Lamp power consumption W 3.2
Energy efficiency class light fixture F
Net weight kg 11.00
Guarantee Years 2
Item number 72023
EAN 822728720233


Patented filtration cycle

Biological, chemical and mechanical filtration via an effectively concealed filter that sits on the bed. Innovative, easy to clean system.

Stable and transparent

Acrylic is very stable. Among other things, it is used for aircraft windscreens. It is also the material with the highest known transparency (93%). Another advantage of acrylic is its insulation. Heat loss is minimal meaning less energy is required to heat the biOrb.

Included in the scope of delivery

Filter cartridge

So that cleaning is an easy matter, simple mechanism for changing. The filter cartridge contains chemical filter media, as well as a foam element for mechanical filtration

Air stone

Regulates the flow of air bubbles

Ceramic Media

Thanks to the large filter surface it is ideally suited for the biological filter process

Standard LED lighting

Energy-efficient, standard LED lighting, classic switch-on/switch-off and robust.


Spare parts

Position Item no. Product name Number
5 73114 biOrb 12 V DC Power Supply 1
6 70371 biOrb 12 V DC Air Pump 1
7 46043 biOrb One way valve + Airline 1
8 46029 biOrb Air stone 1
9 46014 biOrb Service kit 1
10 46045 biOrb bubble tube 190 mm 1
11 72372 biOrb spare light LED black DC 1