OASE Living Water

WECS II 2048 /DMX/02

Item number: 56507

Top product characteristics

  • Showplayer with music output
  • 2048 DMX/RDM channels, Modbus, ArtNET
  • For multimedia shows synchronised with music

The WECS II 2048/DMX/02 is the new server for 2048 DMX-RDM channels with audio file. With the WECS II 2048-Server multimedia shows can be played synchronously to the music in a desired time schedule accurately to the second. The WECS II (Water Entertainment Control System) - transmits DMX-RDM data packets to the individual components (lights, DMX-RDM controllable nozzles etc.) which enable them to act accordingly.

These components or devices in turn analyse the received data and send back their status signals like operating hours and temperature via the same cable. Remote diagnosis and remote maintenance of the connected components can be done with these status signals in combination with a PC. Up to 4 DMX universes (2048 DMX channels) can be controlled by one WECS II 2048 server and up to 32 servers can be operated jointly. This means that a maximum of 65536 DMX-RDM channels can be controlled at once. The WECS II 2048 can synchronize or be synchronized by other equipment via it's synchronization interface (SMPTE, NetTimecode, and MTC). Moreover, the device can also be controlled as a fixture by a DMX start address of a master control console. In addition a variety of simple text commands are also provided which are either transmitted via network or directly entered to the server.

Product characteristics

  • Showplayer with music output
  • 2048 DMX - RDM channels, Modbus (up to 16 units), ArtNET
  • 512 DMX input channels
  • 2 x balanced audio outputs
  • 1 x SMPTE input or output
  • NetTimecode
  • MTC (optional: additional interface required)
  • RS232 and DVI
  • 3 x USB 2.0
  • Livepanel and I/O view
  • Information window showing all important para-meters
  • Master/slave function for several WECS II 2048 server
  • Emergency function for backup systems
  • E-mail function for all types of messages
  • Intelligent logging system
  • Automatic show update via internet
  • Balance system for fountain height
  • High flexibility
  • Connection to different sensors (wind, water level etc.)
  • Internal counter for all switching operations
  • Automatic light control (ALC) specially for fountains

Technical details