Top product characteristics

  • Injector nozzle for oxygen distribution even on the pond floor
  • Penetration depth to 4 m
  • High quality, durable workmanship with stainless steel

Product details

Injector nozzle

Adjustable injector nozzle for focussed oxygen input to aerate the pond.

Professional oxygen supply

Powerful pump with professional Venturi principle enables optimal oxygen supply in small bubbles

Stainless steel basket

High quality design with corrosion-resistant filter basket and suspension element.

Fastening material

Easy and secure anchoring of the aerator thanks to the fastening material which is included. (2 x 20 m, 3 mm thick)


Pay attention to the placement of the AquaAir - it performs to its full capacity in quiet edge areas that are particularly low in oxygen where air flow is inadequate.

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