OASE Living Water

Hybrid connection box

Item number: 56404

Top product characteristics

  • Patented underwater plug connection, hybrid (data + power)
  • Plug/socket connection
  • Watertight, in accordance with IP 68 protection rating

The Hybrid connection box is a junction box from one hybrid connection to max. 4 slots. The Hybrid connection box has a waterproof plug connection (Plug and Spray) for OASE hybrid cables.

Product characteristics

  • Female / male connection
  • Hybrid connection box for max. 4 lights (ProfiLux LED 110/DMX/02 or ProfiPlane LED 110/DMX/02)
  • All 4 outlets just simultaneously controllable
  • RDM status information from outlet 1
  • Protection class IP 68
  • Only one connection box per Line

Technical details