Park Adana


Project number FT-1002
Country Turkey
City/Region Adana
Description The shopping mall at Park Adana is located near Adana Airport and is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the region.
Year of completion 2017


FOT PRJ FT1002-Park-Adana-Turkey-001 FOT PRJ FT1002-Park-Adana-Turkey-003 FOT PRJ FT1002-Park-Adana-Turkey-008
FOT PRJ FT1002-Park-Adana-Turkey-009 FOT PRJ FT1002-Park-Adana-Turkey-029 FOT PRJ FT1002-Park-Adana-Turkey-032
FOT PRJ FT1002-Park-Adana-Turkey-038 FOT PRJ FT1002-Park-Adana-Turkey-045 FOT PRJ FT1002-Park-Adana-Turkey-052
FOT PRJ FT1002-Park-Adana-Turkey-064