OASE Living Water

Europa Park

Country Spain
City/Region Torrejon de Ardoz / Madrid
Description Fountain area on a lake in a theme park.
Special Features / Additional Information Attraction in an amusement park with music, laser and pyro technique
Concept idea "In the theme park several monuments of Europe are reconstructed. The lake with the Fountains installation is located directly in front of a Greek amphitheater. The water patterns are inspired by certain monuments: Geyser - Eiffel Tower (Paris), MDN - Trevi Fountain (Rome), Water Gate - Tower Bridge (London). In the video and laser show one can also experience the history of cities and the monuments from the park interior."
Cooperationspartner Fontimat
Year of Completion 2010


JDS 2735 JDS 2848 JDS 2970
JDS 6537 JDS 6639 JDS 6656
JDS 6665 PB 8060 PB 8077
PB 8093 PB 8105 PB 8141
PB 8225    


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