OASE Living Water

AquaMax Dry

Schematic diagram: Dry setup of the filter and watercourse pump AquaMax Dry 14000 (PRO) with concurrent operation of skimmer and satellite filter

Top product characteristics

  • Quiet pump, especially for dry setup
  • Extremely stable thanks to its solid base
  • Electronically adjustable with the OASE InScenio FM-Master 3

Product details

Coarse debris displacement

The pump displaces debris particles up to 8 mm in size, such as fish waste or dead plant remains.

Hose clamps

The stainless steel hose clamps are included in the scope of delivery.


The AquaMax Dry should be set up below the water level in the separate pump chamber. Consequently a great advantage of the dry setup is the extremely safe use, particularly for swim ponds and bathing ponds. In addition, the pump is easily accessible for maintenance purposes. Optionally, OASE recommends the use of slide valves that keep your pump free of water for the time that maintenance is performed. For effective displacement of polluted water, particularly with the AquaMax Dry 14000, we recommend connection of a satellite filter or skimmer, in combination with a Y-distributor. Extend the service life of your pump and ensure lasting high performance with the special AquaActiv PumpClean cleaner.

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