ProfiSkim Wall 100

Item number: 70895

Top product characteristics

Product characteristics

  • Skims off debris from a pond surfaces of up to 30 m²
  • For permanent installation in a wall
  • The technology is protected through an integrated debris basket with wildlife evacuation system
  • The debris basket is easy to take out for effortless cleaning from the front and from the top
  • With useful accessories (optional): Wall extension, wide-mouth extension, height extension and high-quality stainless steel covers

Spare parts

Position Item no. Product name Number
1 72922 Spare part lid set ProfiSkim Wall 1
2 72920 Spare filter set basket ProfiSkim Wall 1
3 72919 Spare part cover set ProfiSkim Wall 1
4 72923 Spare part cover holder Set ProfiSkim 1
5 72921 Spare part flap set ProfiSkim Wall 1