OASE Living Water

Extension cable hybrid / 3.0 m /01

Item number: 50728

Top product characteristics

  • Patented underwater plug connection, hybrid (data + power)
  • Plug/socket connection
  • Watertight, in accordance with IP 68 protection rating

OASE Extension cable hybrid are designed for underwater applications as well.

The Extension cable hybrid (data + power supply) are suitable for: ProfiLux LED 110/DMX/02 (56267), ProfiPlane LED 110/DMX/02 (56298), ProfiLux LED 320/DMX/02 (50717), ProfiRing LED 320/DMX/02 (50718), ProfiPlane LED 320/DMX/02 (50719), ProfiLux LED Spot 1500/DMX/02 (56388), ProfiLux LED Flood 1500/DMX/02 (56391). Only one extension cable can be used per LED unit.

Product characteristics

  • Female / male connections
  • 4-core shielded
  • Extension cable hybrid 3.00 m long with connector

Technical data

Connecting cable length m 3.00
Cable cross section mm² 0.34 x 4
Net weight kg 0.37
Item number 50728
EAN 4010052507286

Technical details