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ProfiPlane LED XL RGB Spot /DMX/02

check it out Item number: 73005

Top product characteristics

  • Floor and wall-mounted LED light with a central opening to accomodate a nozzle. Max. acceptable static load imposed by vehicles or sim.: 1.5 tons
  • For fresh water, pool water and sea water - waterproof IP 68 / 4m
  • Lifetime: 100.000h*

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Resume Creators - Dissertations and essays at most attractive prices. Perfectly written and custom academic essays. Get started The ProfiPlane LED L RGB Spot / DMX / 02 is the most powerful, robust RGB-LED light with flange and hole D = 51,6 mm and a beam angle of 11°, 2511 lumens.Interchangeable thread inlets of G 1 "(LED XL EasyFit 10 -76458) and G 1 ½" (LED XL EasyFit 15 - 73459) enable a direct thread connection to different nozzles. A cluster nozzle that is mounted with the light is also available as an inlay (LED XL EasyFit Noz - 76460). The pressure connection is always G2 " on the light. The LED light is suitable for ground installation and are traversable up to 1.5 t.

The coloured LED light comes with high quality, robust stainless steel housing for fresh water, pool water and sea water. The flat surface prevents deposition of dirt. These LED lights have a temperature regulation so that wet and dry installation is possible. The temperature controlled high-class brand LED has a lifetime up to 100,000 hours.* The brightness of the basic colors of the LED RGB lights are measuredindividually. The Underwater LED Driver Compact /DMX/02 ensures equal brightness for all lights in the system, thereby creating a homogeneous colour combination.

Product characteristics

  • Energy efficient LED-RGB light with flnash and a hole at the centre D=51.6mm for interchangeable 1" or 1.5" inlet thread (LED XL EasyFit 10 / LED XL EasyFit 15) for direct nozzle mounting or for exchangeable Cluster nozzle inlet (EasyFit Noz) (Inlets and nozzles must be ordered separately).
  • Pressure line connection G 2"
  • Flat surface due to stepped glass
  • 2511 Lumen with a beam angle of 11°, max. 70 Watt
  • Dimensions: (Ø x H) 330 x 77 [mm]
  • Temperature controlled high class brand LED
  • Wet and dry installation - waterproof IP 68 / 4m
  • With patented underwater connection technology
  • For fresh-, pool- and sea water
  • External electronic in a separate control box / junction box - waterproof connector, easy to connect.
  • DMX/RDM-capable in combination with the Underwater LED Driver Compact (70468)
  • Individual measurement of the basic colours of the LED-RGBW lights and the use of the Underwater LED Driver /DMX/02 guarantees equal brightness of all lights in the system and a homogeneous colour combination
  • Galvanic isolation between the DMX and 24V DC power
  • Strobe effect
  • Lifetime: 100,000 h*
* In case of underwater application, an intelligent heat management and quality LED enables a lifetime of up to 100,000 hrs. This claim does not entitle to a guarantee.

Technical data

DMX Channel 1 red
DMX Channel 2 green
DMX Channel 3 blue
DMX Channel 4 strobe
DMX Channel 5 dimmable
Luminous flux with all on lm 2511
Luminous flux red lm 720
Luminous flux green lm 1380
Luminous flux blue lm 411
Beam angle 11 Degrees (± 2)
Stroboscope effect 0-25 Hz
Energy efficiency class light fixture B
Weighted energy consumption kWh/1000h 77
Rated voltage 24 V / DC
Power consumption W 70
Rated current A 3.1
Dim frequency Hz 2800
Power connection type Hybrid socket
Power cable length m 0.00
Protection class IP 68; 4 m
Pressure-side connection 2"
Dimensions (Ø x H) mm 330 x 77
Material Stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
Connection pressure-side 2"
Net weight kg 6.50
Item number 73005
EAN 4010052730059

Technical details


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