OASE Living Water


Crystal clear jumping water parables

A perfect arch made out of water – it provides a frame for a special focal point, the Arch-Effect allows a multi-faceted illusion. It creates spatial depth, especially in the darkness. Whether consistent or consecutive, the complete length of the water jet is illuminated and ensures an endless adventure.


The different effects continuously provide variety and astonishing attention.

Let yourself be inspired by the movements: Gallery

JumpingJet Rainbow Star II /DMX/02

Beam diameter: 12 mm

Parabola-width: Max. 4 m

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Jumping Jet Rainbow Flash III /DMX/02

Beam diameter: 18 mm

Parabola-width: Max. 6 m

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Intelligent System

The individually controllable JumpingJets are now integrable with the 24V DC system and the patented OASE plug and play system. In addition, they are also capable of bi-directional communication (via DMX/RDM) with the controller, which enables remote diagnosis and maintenance of the system.

Perfection is lots of little things done well, so we discover a maintenance optimized design. Through innovative water calming there is only a little maintenance necessary.


Fountain Technology Made in Germany

Powering the world's most exciting fountains, OASE provides innovative solutions based on German technology in cooperation with a global network of partners engaged in planning, construction and maintenance of show fountains and architectural water features.

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