OASE Living Water

VarioSwitch 015a / 24 V

Item number: 57435

Top product characteristics

  • Dynamic, variable water effects
  • Virtually free of any pressure loss, without water hammers in the lines
  • Power-saving electrical valve technology

In musical fountains or other fountain installations with dynamic elements water becomes lively with help from Vario switch systems.

The air for alternately switching (e.g. atmospheric pressure on and off) is supplied via the telescopic tube. Switchover time is flow dependent and cycles of 0.1 s are achievable. Please note: the operational range of the device is limited by the min. and max. flow rate als shown below.
This water switch is combined with a suitable nozzle and switches between two outputs - similar to a 3/2- way valve - almost without pressure loss and without water hammer effects in the lines. Normally one of those outputs is used as a pure bypass, however a second nozzle can also be mounted.

Product characteristics

  • Dynamically variable water effect for musical fountains or interactive water effects
  • Effect switchover is virtually executed without pressure loss
  • Power-saving electrical valve technology
  • Stable construction and stainless steel side pieces
  • Four-core connection cable provided by others
  • Low maintenance in good water conditions
  • No-maintenance membrane valves

Technical data

Flow rate Q min. l/min 85
Flow rate Q max. l/min 325
Min. operating pressure bar 0.2
Max. operating pressure bar 3.0
Partice size max. mm 2
Pressure-side connection 50 mm / 2"
Power consumption W 8
Rated voltage 24 V / DC
Rated current A 0.33
Power cable length m 2.00
Power connection type Cable ends
Protection class IP 58
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 170 x 130 x 240
Material Plastic / stainless steel
Net weight kg 4.36
Item number 57435
EAN 4010052574356

Technical details