Smart colour in the garden

Design a colorful sea of LED light via app

Light provides a very special atmosphere in the garden. Through specific illumination of the garden highlights, such as a fountain in the garden pond, these highlights are perfectly staged. The latest innovation in garden lighting enables mobile control of colour change for the right mood: the new ProfiLux Garden LED RGB garden- and pondspotlight.

Smart colour

Green, yellow, red or multi-colour – just as you like and without programming effort you can select the colours and adapt them to the desired atmosphere. Connected to the InScenio FM-Master WLAN EGC* the spotlight can be conveniently activated with the OASE app via smart phone or tablet.

Thanks to the LED bulb, the handy ProfiLux Garden LED RGB is extremely energy-efficient and it has a long service life. The ProfiLux Garden LED RGB can be used flexibly in the garden above water and underwater.

* Not included in the scope of delivery

Area of implementation

Underwater: From small garden ponds and water features to swim ponds and large installations from the Fountain Technology segment – thanks to patented underwater connection technology and protection class IP68, safe operation is possible to a depth of 4 m. In addition, ProfiLux Garden LED RGB is seamlessly compatible with light fixtures from OASE's Fountain Technology product range.

Above water:
Mounted on a wall or installed in the ground using a ground stake, (included in the scope of delivery, the ProfiLux Garden LED RGB really makes your pool, trees and plants shine.

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Easy Garden Control:

Effective immediately the OASE EGC products can be monitored and controlled via app. Click here to learn precisely what EGC is and what new products are available.

Test it now!

For all those who want to take an advance look at the application interface of the OASE Cloud, OASE has prepared a demo version of the OASE Cloud web portal. Have fun!