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Your task

  • Pumping water out, e.g. out of a flooded basement, light shaft,
  • construction pit or out of the sump in a utility room
  • Transferring water from tanks or pools, pumping water occasionally

Your objectives

  • High water displacement in a short time
  • Reliability and durability
  • Protection against water damage

Requirements of the OASE ProMax drainage pumps

  • Solid pump pressure for ensuring high delivery volumes, even if there are height differentials, e.g. from basement to garden
  • High-quality materials for low wear and a long pump life
  • Convenient and easy handling – so that the pump is ready for work in an emergency


  • Clean water pumps suitable for installation shafts, with a maximum contaminant particle diameter of 5 mm
  • Dirty water pumps and construction pumps with a maximum contaminant particle diameter of 40 mm

Your task

  • Using water from wells, cisterns and rain barrels for watering or other purposes in the private household
  • Increasing pressure
  • Transferring water

Your objectives

  • Reliable and constant watering in the garden
  • Pumps optimally tailored to your requirements
  • Immediate water supply as soon as the water tap or valve is opened
  • Saving valuable drinking water

Requirements profile of the OASE ProMax irrigation pumps

  • Attractive pressure to flow-rate ratio for effective and particularly uniform irrigation capacity
  • High-quality materials for low wear and a long pump life
  • Pumps that offer high operational reliability and at the same time are appropriate for the respective needs
  • Easy operation and dependable automatic functions for trouble-free operation


  • Garden pumps
  • Domestic water systems
  • Domestic waterworks
  • Submersible pressure pumps and deep-well pumps with integrated automatic switch