»OASE ProMax ClearDrain clean water pumps«

Helpers ready to go to work in the basement

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»OASE ProMax MudDrain dirty water pumps«

The all-rounders for dirty water

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»Go easy on resources and irrigate efficiently«

- with OASE ProMax garden pumps and domestic water systems

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»OASE ProMax Pressure and Pressure Well«

Powerful submersible pumps for challenging water supply

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OASE Catalogue 2017

The product range of drainage and irrigation pumps for house and garden – robust power "engineered in Germany". Experience yourself the water pumps that are always ready to help.

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Some questions come up quite often – here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions.



OASE ProMax ClearDrain

OASE ProMax ClearDrain submersible clean water pumps – always ready to help



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Quality resulting from experience

Founded in Germany in 1949, OASE sets standards in pump and water technology, and today the company is one the world's leading brands in the areas of water gardens and fountains. Our innovative, quality products satisfy the requirements of professional landscapers, as well as the requirements of ambitious garden and pond enthusiasts of the highest level. The entire bandwidth from OASE extends from fascinating fountains in domestic gardens to large, imposing installations in the public sector. OASE Drainage and Irrigation pumps offer powerful, reliable technology for many areas in and around the house and garden that meets the most rigorous quality requirements. OASE's experience and unique know-how is manifest in every product. Experience the robust power "engineered in Germany" and the custom-tailored service offered by OASE.