OASE Living Water

Stadhalle Erbendorf

Country Germany
City/Region Erbendorf / Bavaria
Description As part of the renovation project of the city hall in Erbendorf, a fountain was built in the adjacent city park. The plan was to build a round water basin of 12 m diameter in a clasical park. The control and water treatment technology was built in the basement of the municipal hall.
Fountain Water volume approximately 60m³
Water surface 113m²
Fountain height max. 8.5 m
Water circulation about 80m³/h
Cooperation partner Drebinger Gartentechnik GmbH (www.drebinger.by)
Year of completion 2015


01 Stadhalle Erbendorf 02 Stadhalle Erbendorf 03 Stadhalle Erbendorf