OASE Living Water

Promenada Shopping Mall

Project number FT-00576
Country Polen
City/Region Warsaw
Description Shoping Mall Promenada is one of the best entertaiment-shopping malls in Warsaw, with most luxury brands. During last years in the renovation stage in order to increase it's atractivity. Till 2020 the total surface of the shopping mall will be increased to 90.000 m2. OASE fountains are located on "Fountain Avenue". The most intresting effect is the round flashwall (3m diameter) asemmbled on the illuminated chandelier in the central part of this avenue.
Cooperation Partner Watersystem
Specials First round Flashwall project in Easter Europe.
Idea of concept To create sth unique which was not presented in Poland (or even in Easter Europe). The idea was to implement the round flashwall into unique chandelier on the height of 12m in order to create supersonic water effects.
Year of completion 2018


WL106949 WL107331 WL107351
WL108318 WL108409 WL109041
WL109310 WL109348 WL109382
WL204010 WL204072 WL204157