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biOrb MCR light large white

Item number: 72167

Top product characteristics

  • Chic colour spectacle with 16 colours
  • Dimmable, and four time cycles can be programmed
  • Easy implementation, big effect

Product characteristics

  • All colours can be dimmed by as much as 20%
  • MCR stands for Multi-Colour Remote and it brings an extraordinary colour spectacle into your underwater world.
  • Innovative aquarium light with 16 different colour settings that can be controlled remotely
  • Four different time cycles are preprogramed that simulate the light conditions of day and night


8 hours, sample cycle

15 from sunrise to daylight 7.5 hours of daylight, 15 minutes sunset to night light. This cycle can also be set in the same manner for 10, 12, and 14 hours.

Included in the scope of delivery

MCR light unit

16 different colours. Four different time cycles for adjustable light change (excluding biOrb HALO 15 MCR).