OASE Living Water

biOrb aquarium

A brief history of the OASE biOrb

It all started in 1999. Disappointed with what was available to us
as enthusiasts, we threw away the rule book and engineered our own
innovative aquarium. The biOrb.
We thought about what fish need and we thought about the needs of the aquarium owner. The fundamentals had to be right. There is now a choice of sizes and shapes of aquarium and a complete line of accessories.
Today we ship to over 40 countries all over the world and more than one million owners enjoy a biOrb aquarium.

Smarter design makes fish keeping easy

This simple idea is really the heart of a biOrb. You don’t need to be an aquatics expert to enjoy keeping fish - a biOrb makes the hobby accessible to everyone.
The all-in-one kit means that your customer goes home with everything they need to get started. It’s easy and understandable which means they’ll soon be back for more. More decor, more filters and more accessories.