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The inner values are what is important

Water quality has two faces: one that is clearly visible, and one that escapes the eye. For example dissolved nutrients cannot be detected in pond water. This is why it is so important to know what is happening within the bio-system of the water - who is sharing the water with whom, what is lacking or what is present in excess. This is what you should check regularly, so that if needed you can intervene to regulate the situation. An important principle applies for garden ponds as well: True beauty comes from inside and must be cultivated!

The inner water quality values are subject to constant change. The seasons, sun, rain, and wind, plant usage and fish, as well as environmental emissions have an effect. You should test regularly to always be aware of what is going on in your pond and with your pond. You can take water samples to our trained stockists and have your water analysed there. If there is a need for action your stockist will provide specific therapeutic recommendations based on the diagnosis.

You can also diagnose the water condition on your own; it's simple and fast. OASE provides practical and reliable Test Sets and Quicksticks for this purpose.

You will find everything that benefits inner water quality values, from oxygen stabilisers to starter bacteria, to valuable vitality supplements, in our extensive OASE aqua activ pond care product range. It supports the balance in the garden pond eco system and makes it easier for your filter system to make its contribution to healthy, and then visibly clear pond water.


Professional tip!

»Phosphate in pond water favours string algae growth. Phosless filter media tubes counteract these conditions. They bond significant amounts of phosphate. Phosless filter media tubes can be integrated in Biotec filters, and Phosless inserts are included in a special Proficlear filter module. Phosphate bonding is also ensured if you simply place filter media tubes in areas of the pond where there is stronger water flow.«