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Filter systems

Beautiful views with complete perspective

The front seats are reserved for you on a dream voyage through the wonderful world of water. We ensure a clear view.

Filter systems guarantee a clear perspective. You can look down deep and immerse yourself in the experience-rich habitat of fish, amphibians, and other wildlife.

Garden ponds are more than just water. They are biologically active habitats for flora and fauna. They are subject to constant change through the seasons. However unlike natural bodies of water, garden ponds are limited in their capability to regulate their biological balance on their own. They require help; filter systems play a significant role in this regard. They keep pond water clear and remove excess nutrients.

We offer flow-through and pressure filter systems that anyone can install quickly and easily. Both filter systems work perfectly. They mechanically filter suspended substances out of the water and decompose biological nutrients that get into the pond through decomposition of plant remains, fish excreta, and through environmental influences. Microorganisms that settle in the filter systems take over these important tasks to ensure the quality of the water.

In garden ponds the benefits of our filter systems are evident at first glance: the water is clear. Green algae doesn't have a chance and flora as well as fauna thrive splendidly.

You can enjoy the visible success with pride and satisfaction:
A cleaner garden pond that you can look into in depth - just as you desire!
However there is one important prerequisite:
The performance of the filter system must be matched to pond size and fish stock. Your stockist is well-informed and can offer good advice. Your stockist can better serve you with specific information and you will be absolutely sure of making the right choice for your filter system.


Professional tip!

»Filter pump, UVC clarifier and the filter itself comprise a flow-through or pressure filter system as a unit. We recommend optimal combinations based on pond size and fish stock, and also offer you a clear water guarantee! ? For you this represents the greatest possible security for clear water. Take our word for it and register for the clear water guarantee: www.oase-livingwater.com«.