OASE Living Water

Watercourse and waterfall pumps

Most likely you are familiar with an image of a holiday in the mountains:
green cliffs, aromatic wild flowers surrounding a clear lake - actually just as beautiful as your own garden with its well-cared-for lawn, splendid flowers and the garden pond.

But the spring-fed mountain stream and the rushing waterfall - do you want to re-create them? No problem. Simply add a watercourse or waterfall to your garden pond. With your creativity and our know-how this is a lot of fun with the most beautiful natural feeling.

watercourse and waterfall pumps allow you to send water from your garden pond on a trip through watercourse shells with natural sand surfaces or a pond liner that has been decoratively fitted with stone liner.

You can use the dirt removed when excavating your garden pond to shape your garden landscape.


Professional tip!

»Lay out your watercourse with a slope of 2 to 3 cm per metre of watercourse. The water will then flow beautifully and naturally. Choose cascade steps to ensure additional movement and enrich the water, and thus the pond, with oxygen.«