OASE Living Water


Application example: Bed enclosure
Application example: Pond edge
Application example: Stakes
Application example: Stakes
Application example: Stakes

Top product characteristics

  • Practical: Ground stakes in different lengths, suitable for different ground conditions
  • Uncomplicated: effortless installation
  • Flexible: Simply form the shape you desire

Product details

Ground stakes for a stable basis

For fastening, ram the ground stakes into the substrate spaced at approx. 50 cm intervals.

Horizontal installation

During the entire installation, ensure that the ground stakes, as well as the pond edge are aligned horizontally.

Installing the pond edge

The pond edge can be cut to size and is then bolted to the ground stakes.


The flexible, extremely durable material is not just suitable as a capillary barrier for a pond edge, it can also harmoniously enclose beds, lawn areas or terraces.

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