OASE Living Water

AquaActiv BioKick Premium

High-performance bacteria

Item number: 51280

Top product characteristics

Product characteristics

  • Contains natural ammonium oxidising bacteria (AOB) and nitrite oxidising bacteria (NOB)
  • One ampoule suffices for 10,000 litres of pond water. Overdosing accelerates the running-in period
  • More than 50 million active microorganisms/ml * *At the time of filling
  • New: Including ampoule opener
  • Highly concentrated filter bacteria for heavily burdened filter systems
  • More than 50 billion active micro-organisms/ml*
  • Full capacity of the pond filter within a few days

Technical data

Container size 4 x 20 ml
Suitable for ponds up to max. 40.0
Optimal supplements OptiPond, Safe&Care
Item number 51280
EAN 4010052512808