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»Prevent algae with PhosLess«

Now is the time to start thinking of spring

A familiar situation: As soon as sun comes out in spring, algae grows quickly in what had been a clear garden pond. This is caused by excess phosphates that were released during the winter months and thus serve as nutrients for the explosive growth of algae... It doesn’t have to be this way!
Start thinking of spring now and take preventative measures.

With OASE PhosLess OASE PhosLess you can reduce algae growth before it has even begun, by binding the excess phosphates in the pond. Moreover, toxic heavy metals, such as copper or lead are also withdrawn. OASE PhosLess is ideal for use over the winter months and in spring the clear radiance of your pond will vie with the sun.

PhosLess Algae Protection

Highly efficient with sustainable effect thanks to 2-component technology with different binding characteristics. Through regular replacement the bound phosphates are permanently withdrawn from the pond water. Two inserts for 10,000 litres of pond water. 2 ml bind up to 50 g of phosphate.

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PhosLess Direct

Simply sprinkled on the pond, it binds excess phosphates very quickly and effectively. Thus it offers a particularly fast solution for acute phosphate load. In addition, hydrogen sulphides that can cause unpleasant odours are bound. 100 ml bind up to 80 g of phosphate.

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The OASE pond care schedule

Well maintained throughout the year...
Significant temperature fluctuations, particularly in spring can quickly affect the pond. The remains of dead plants and fish food offer algae an ideal nutrient basis. Help your pond to help itself - the AquaActiv pond care product range ensures sustainable, clear, living water with optimal values and healthy inhabitants.