OASE Living Water

Fan Jet 30 - 11 E

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Top product characteristics

  • Fan-shaped gush of water
  • Modern stainless steel look
  • Stainless steel nozzle

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You need not to be worried at all as our UK Dissertation Writers are there to provide you the Basic Research Paper service UK with high quality work The water veil generated by these nozzles not only has a bizarre beauty, it is also extremely practical: It is particularly well suited to conceal exposed technology.
The water curtain produced by these nozzles is up to 9 m high and 27.6 m wide and is therefore also suitable as a screen for projectors and lasers.

Depending on the installation the fan nozzles generate either a vertically ascending water veil, or a diagonally spouting water veil of 6 or 8 mm in thickness. Thanks to its large surface area the attractive water pattern can conceal a foundation base, or exposed pipe and pump equipment from the eyes of observers. The nozzles work independently of the water level and require a throttlez valve to regulate the water pattern.
The absolute highlight, however, is a combination with Multi Directional Drive XL 3D /DMX/02. The large water fan can be rotated and swivelled in any position, thus providing more dynamic water images.

Product characteristics

  • Suitable for Multi Directional Drive II / DMX / 02 (50524)
  • Water-level independent
  • Modern stainless steel look
  • 11 mm thick, fan shaped up to 9 m high and approx. 8 m wide
  • water level independent
  • Modern stainless steel look
  • Optimized for operation with Multi Directional Drive XL 3D /DMX/02

Technical data

Water film thickness mm 11.0
Net weight kg 3.70
Item number 46983
EAN 4010052469836

Technical details


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Multi Directional Drive XL 3D /DMX/02


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