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Sand filter D 600

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Top product characteristics

  • Environmentally-friendly mechanical filtration
  • Pre-assembled, easy-to install unit comprised of filter, pump, and multi-port valve
  • Easy to clean

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The crystal quartz sand filter should be operated independently of and parallel to actual spray fountain and circulation technology. The filter can work during fountain operation, in periods when the fountain is not operating, or it can even work around the clock.
The filter system consists of a container made of fibre-glass reinforced plastic and a pump and a multi-port valve. Everything is compact and premounted on a plastic pallet. The fill opening of the filter tank is sealed with a cover and an integrated manometer. The tank can be filled with crystal quartz sand or AFM filter medium and contaminated water is suctioned in by the pump. In the filter the water is forced through the filter material via an upper distributor with sieve and then it is fed back into the pool through a lower distributor with small open-seam pipe. If the filter capacity is exhausted the filter is simply rinsed in reverse and the debris is discharged via the wastewater channel.

Product characteristics

  • Efficient, mechanical water filtration
  • Extends the cleaning interval
  • Environmentally-friendly mechanical filtration
  • Pre-assembled, easy-to install unit comprised of filter, pump, and multi-port valve
  • Easy to clean

Technical data

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 1000 x 870 x 1100
Filter tank diameter mm 630
Filter surface 0.28
Recirculation capacity at 8 m wc m³/h 13
Filter speed at 8 m wc m/h 50
Reverse rinse speed m/h 50
Reverse rinse duration ca. 2 - 4 Min.
Water requirement per reverse rinse ca. 650 l in 3 Min.
Grain of the filter material mm 0.4-1.0
Quantity of the filter material ca. 125 kg
Max. operating pressure bar 2.5
Pressure-side connection mm 50
Pressure-side connection 1 ½"
Connection - back-flush mm 50
Connection - back-flush 1.5
Power consumption W 970
Rated current A 4.7
Rated voltage V 230
Frequency Hz 50
Protection class IP X4
Net weight kg 46.00
Material filter GRP
Item number 50431
EAN 4010052504315


Catalogue page:
Bill of quantity:
Dimensional drawing:
product drawing:
3D drawing:
2D drawing:

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Technical details


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Crystal quartz sand

like it AFM filter medium

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AFM filter medium

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