OASE Living Water

SPA 162-2-23

Item number: 53860

Top product characteristics

  • Robust wet-running canned motor
  • High-volume filter basket
  • Multi-level immersion water pump suitable for high delivery heights

These multistage structured submersible motor-driven pumps are the powerful heart for high delivery heads.
The new high dynamic fountain pump Varionaut 270 / DMX / 02 closes the gap between the existing Varionaut 150 and Varionaut 365.This energy-efficient pump can be regulated and controlled via the integrated DMX RDM port. This enables easy creation of individual and dynamic water effects. The Varionaut 270 / DMX / 02 is equipped with a 10 m power cable with plug and two inbuilt DMXRDM ports including capillary barrier. The pump is individually addressable and controllable. Other users (such as LED lights) which are connected to the second DMX-RDM port can be looped. The IP 68 waterproof, patented connectionsystem eliminates the need of manual wiring. The installation is safer, easier and faster.

These pumps can supply single fountains as well as group fountains with sufficient watervolumes and pressure for larger spray heights. Thus they are preferred in installations in which the delivery head of single-stage pumps are no longer required.

Contact OASE before ordering a Pool or a Sea Water SPA pump. Technical specifications of this model (58903) may vary.

Product characteristics

  • Extremely shallow and slender design
  • Multistage submersible motor pump
  • Suitable for higher delivery heights
  • High-volume filter basket
  • Good stability
  • Robust wet-running canned motor
  • All parts made of stainless steel

Technical data

Setup type Underwater installation only
b mm 274
c mm 4
DD (Rp) 6"
d mm 310
d1 mm 218
d2 mm 138
e mm 120
e1 mm 92
f mm 314
h mm 165
h1 mm 322
k mm 1000
L mm 1441
m mm 313
n mm 40
n1 mm 44
o mm 295
w mm 1054
s mm 11
Rated current A 30
Power output kW 13
Number of phases Units 3
Rated voltage V 400
Start-up type Star-delta start
Frequency Hz 50
Power cable length m 10.00
Material Stainless steel
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 1441 x 310 x 314
Net weight kg 103.00
Item number 53860
EAN 4010052538600

Technical details