OASE Living Water

Megyeház Square

Project number 2360031980
Country Hungary
City/Region Győr
Description The fountain at Megyeház square in the Hungarian city of Győr was re-opened in spring 2016 after extensive renovations. All the old pumps, nozzles and white halogen lights of the static fountain were completely replaced by OASE components (Varionaut pumps, nozzles, RGB LEDs and DMX controller) to give way to a dynamic, colourful and modern musical fountain.
Co-operation partner GanzHydro Kft
Specials Comet 15-17: Each of the 10 Comet nozzles are operated by a Varionaut 270/DMX/02 creating thereby high dynamic effects - pop-jet effect, wave effect and splash effect. JumpingJet Rainbow Flash: Two individually controlled water arches with RGB lights and DMX compatible laminar waterjets with cut-off function. VarioJet 42-15: One nozzle for different water images. This nozzle is operated by two Varionaut 270/DMX/02 pumps and creates at first a water bell and then a single jet. This transition from one image to another leads to the creation of various dynamic effects. Crown nozzle: Driven by a Varionaut 365, this nozzle creates dynamic water effects at various heights. Rotation nozzle 5-15E: Both rotation nozzles are operated by a Varionaut 365/DMX/02 generating water patterns in different speed and height. The pumps and RGB lighting are controlled by DMX with the WECS II 1024 controller. This enables the creation of individual water patterns synchronized to music.
Year of completion 2016



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2 FOT PRJ 2360031980 gyor ungarn 0006 2b FOT PRJ 2360031980 gyor ungarn 0008 2c FOT PRJ 2360031980 gyor ungarn 0009
3 FOT PRJ 2360031980 gyor ungarn 00011 3b FOT PRJ 2360031980 gyor ungarn 0007 3c FOT PRJ 2360031980 gyor ungarn 0010
4 FOT PRJ 2360031980 gyor ungarn 0012 4b FOT PRJ 2360031980 gyor ungarn 0014 4c FOT PRJ 2360031980 gyor ungarn 0015
5 FOT PRJ 2360031980 gyor ungarn 0016 5b FOT PRJ 2360031980 gyor ungarn 0017 5c FOT PRJ 2360031980 gyor ungarn 0018
6 FOT PRJ 2360031980 gyor ungarn 0019 6b FOT PRJ 2360031980 gyor ungarn 0013 6c FOT PRJ 2360031980 gyor ungarn 0020
7  FOT PRJ 2360031980 gyor ungarn 0001 7b  ZEI PRJ 2360031980 gyor ungarn 0001  


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