Schematic diagram: SwimSkim 25 in use
Schematic diagram: SwimSkim 25 in use

Top product characteristics

  • Powerful suction cleaning of pond surfaces up to 50 m²
  • Integrated aerator function for oxygen supply
  • Easy and convenient cleaning

Product details


The accumulated debris can be easily removed by taking out the basket

Patented flap technology

The unique skimmer flap directed to the inside, generates powerful suction and sucks up leaves and other surface debris.

Whirlpool and aerator function

With the SwimSkim 50 the integrated whirlpool function, if desired, whirls up deposits on the floor of the pond and feeds them to the pump. Both models additionally enrich the water with vital oxygen and thus improve the water quality.


The SwimSkim 50 can be fixed in place either on the pond floor or with the provided ground stakes at the edge of the pond.

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