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SchlixX Plus - 10 kg

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Top product characteristics

  • Reduces sludge with high effective micro organism
  • Sludge reduction without excavation

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You apparently do know how spending nights trying to craft a perfect research paper feels. Have rest and let our http://www.donausoja.org/?paraphrasing-worksheets do it for you. Lakes are living bodies of water, which constantly change and evolve. Due to various influences such as organic residues, agriculture, industrial wastewater and sewage plants natural lakes or production water bodies silt up. Once the sludge has formed, it also impacts the supply of nutrients in the water. Free nutrients are stored in large amounts of organic sludge, which increases the risk of algal bloom. SchlixX Plus is the ideal treatment for a water body in such a perilous state: The dual-active solution works both chemically and biologically. Firstly, by releasing oxygen it loosens up the sludge. The released oxygen binds the phosphate to apatite and creates an ideal environment for microbial decomposition of the organic sludge . Secondly, the specially bred natural micro-organisms in the bio component accelerate the sludge decomposition by “devouring ” the organic sludge. Thanks to this solution 1 t of SchlixX Plus can decompose up to 3.000 m³ organic sludge. SchlixX Plus combats exclusively organic sludge. In other words, sediment or sand that enters the water through inflows are not removed by SchlixX Plus. Before deploying the product we therefore recommend analyzing the sludge to first determine the precise composition of the water bed. The sludge analysis also indicates whether the sludge contains enough organic matter to make best use of SchlixX Plus.


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