New addition to the Varionaut product family

The New Varionaut 270 pump - From 0 to 100% in a second

This new DMX/RDM capable, high dynamic fountain pump is suitable for both - wet and dry installations. The Varionaut 270 in 230 V technology fills the gap between the Varionaut 150 and Varionaut 365.

Like all other Varionaut pumps, the Varionaut 270 creates effective and dynamic water patterns. The impressive and varying visual effects created by these pumps are unrivalled. Spectacular speed is one of the main characteristic of the Varionaut pumps. The new powerhouse capable of continuous operation, the Varionaut 270/DMX/02, in combination with Comet 10-14 rapidly shoots water up into the air and can reach full fountain height of 6.5m in a second.


The Pop-Jet Effect - The mind blowing effect with droplets of water: The pop-jet effect is a special effect in which little marbles of water seem to hang in mid-air. This magical water effect is created through very rapid DMX speed changes. This effect is system-dependent. The effect shown here has been created by Varionaut 270 230V/DMX/02 pumps in conjunction with WECS II 1024/DMX/02.

The Splash Effect - Amazing effect of water explosion: Also known as the water explosion effect, the splash effect is a highly dynamic water effect. This effect is achieved by means of very rapid simultaneous up and down movement of water which leads to water explosions. These explosions can be created in various levels.

The Wave Effect - Creating a water carpet with smooth and proportional waves: The Wave Effect is an elegant water effect which is achieved by vertical plumes of water bouncing up and down. The water rises up like waves from the ground .This effect is created by means of slide DMX speed change. Smooth and proportional jets of water achieve the maximum height and then the minimum height of the water feature.

Varionaut Pumps

All Varionaut pumps are controlled via DMX/RDM. The flow rate of each pump can be individually controlled. This enables in creating dynamic and unique water images without any additional water distributor or control valves. Magical superimposed effects can be generated by combining the Varionaut pumps with JumpingJets or Variojets. The complete range of the OASE Varionaut pumps is patented and available in different sizes in 24V DC and 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz technology.