Chengdu Dacisi

Project number FT-00514
Country China
City/Region Chengdu Dacisi
Description Taikooli is located in the center of Chengdu City and is also a fashion landmark of southwest, which is a hot spot for tourists and natives. The waterscape project is divided into six parts, distributed in the central area entrance and other major areas. The project uses 100 Varionaut 365 /DMX/02 pumps and also 5 Geyser Jet 30 as the dry fountain highlights.
Year of completion 2015



R6A7781 R6A7789 R6A7854
R6A7887 R6A7926 R6A7981
R6A7988 R6A8124 R6A8130
R6A8137 R6A8174 R6A8176