OASE Living Water

biOrb sand pebbles

Item number: 72681

Top product characteristics

  • Accents on the bed
  • Detailed and high-quality workmanship
  • Easy to clean and quickly swapped out

Product characteristics

  • Easy to clean and quickly removed, a new ambience consistently occurs
  • Suitable for all biOrb aquariums
  • Decorative marble stones for arrangement on the aquarium bed

Technical data

Dimensions (L x W x H) cm 11 x 6 x 26
Suitable for freshwater Yes
Suitable for saltwater Yes
Net weight kg 0.34
CUBE all
TUBE all
LIFE all
FLOW all
HALO all
Item number 72681
EAN 822728726815


Marble pebbles

biOrb pebbles are made of high-quality marble and thus are durable, robust and safe: With these sets no substances whatsoever are given off to the water.