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Detecting and treating fish diseases

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Fit & healthy

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For the development of these new products for healthy fish, we were able to gain a competent partner, Aquarium Münster. The partnership has resulted in highly-effective products that are manufactured in accordance with the German Pharmaceuticals Act.

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»Aquarium Münster Pahlsmeier GmbH« has acquired an extensive body of experience in the keeping and medication-based treatment of ornamental fish. Thus species ranging from guppies to koi are in good hands with Aquarium Münster. This name stands for high-quality products that act effectively and if used properly are also compatible for sensitive fish species, such as orfe or sturgeon.

AquaActiv Fish Medication

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Here you will find an overview of the right steps, from identification of the disease to successfully concluded treatment.

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You will find the OASE products for the health and well-being of your fish here: To the fish medication



* The products; Universal, AntiParasite, AntiFungus, AntiArgulus and AntiWorm Forte are over-the-counter medications in accordance with § 60 of the German Drug Act (AMG).