OASE Living Water


Filters, skimmers and pond aerators

Forcefully on the road to success

Many roads lead to Rome; and to clear, healthy pond water. Our Filtoclear pressure filters represent an alternative to flow-through filters that are well worth discovering on your voyage through the wonderful world of water.

Filtoclear pressure filters can be almost completely buried in the ground next to your pond. They do a fine job mechanically and biologically. The Bitron UVC clarifier is already integrated and doesn't give green algae the ghost of a chance. With the clever Easyclean technology our Filtoclear pressure filters are in an enclosed system and they are particularly easy to clean in operation. It is also quite practical to have the water discharged from a Filtoclear filter under pressure. The water can thus flow uphill for a good distance - ideal for feeding a watercourse or for connecting a decorative pond-edge figure. Thus top water quality and the aesthetics of living water under pressure can be ideally combined.

Pond enthusiasts who implement a new generation Aquamax pump to feed a filter system can also operate an in-pond skimmer via the second inlet connection. Skimmers keep the water surface clean. Pollen in spring, leaves in autumn and every kind of environmental pollutant in between disappear into the skimmer as if by magic and thus have no chance of reducing water quality.


Professional tip!

»Give your pond an extra fresh experience and install one of our Aqua-Oxy pondaerators. They are the purest way to get your pond in shape. Bubbling oxygen gives the inhabitants of the underwater world a second wind and allows the waterquality to breath deeply: it's safe with a 12 volt power supply, convenient handling, and individual control!«