OASE Living Water

BioTec ScreenMatic²

Schematic diagram: UVC clarifier in combination with OASE BioTec ScreenMatic² flow-through filter

Top product characteristics

  • Clear and healthy pond water with minimum maintenance requirements
  • Particularly long service life thanks to automatic coarse debris extraction before it enters into the filter
  • Continuous belt filter at an affordable price

Product details

Intelligent function checks

Sensors detect the pollutant level and activate the belt run automatically. An LED display shows required cleaning measures.

Automatic cleaning

Screened coarse debris is conveyed automatically into the sludge basket

Sludge basket

Accumulated sludge can be conveniently taken out and removed from the filter system.

Optimised separating lip

For an even better separation result in the case of non-uniform pollution burden.


Combined they are an unbeatable trio for crystal-clear water: UVC clarifier Bitron C and Eco, as well as filter and watercourse pump AquaMax Eco Premium

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