OASE Living Water

OASE supports relief project in Kenya

Corporate Social Responsibility

If you need somebody to help you with your task, you have got to the right lab Essay Paper Writing Services Review. We offer reasonable pricing and high quality. Place In the province of Eastern Kenya, most of the year it is hot and dry. The Machakos region is traditionally considered to be a region where food is in short supply. Together with the organisation arche noVa e. V. OASE is supporting the people in this region and is financing the construction of a sand dam. The dam makes it possible to collect and store rain water. The water is naturally filtered through the sand and thus water quality is improved. The water is vital for the drinking water supply and cultivation of food crops.

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Pharmacy School Entrance Essay: get online help with business essays Completing a qualification in business is a springboard to winning a better position Find out the pros of hiring the best Helphomework Coming service and how it can help you achieve your goals. For the introduction of the new business segment "Drainage and Irrigation" OASE is donating 10,000.00 euros for construction of a sand dam and thus is supporting the inhabitants of the villages Uvanga and Syombo in the Machakos district in Kenya.

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Pay To Do Engineering Homework Jobs offers content-writing services to top companies in a variety of industries and all over the globe. We aim to pair quality writers with our clients to creation authoritative website content for a number of different functions, including SEO content with the goal of increasing search engine visibility and a positive web presence. Moving ahead! The women from the villages Uvanga and Syombo in Kenya really give everything and the sand mound supported by OASE assumes first trains. How long the construction will actually take still, is not yet accurately predict. But nevertheless no later than October, the women must have done the extremely hard work, because then the next rainy season is pending.

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Update: October 2016:

http://www.islamportal.at/?emerson-college-creative-writing,Buy essays online construction safety - Top 10 Dissertation Writing Companies Resume It's done! After weeks and months of hard work the work on the sand dam and the well has been completed. The second sand dam is now available to the women in good time for the rainy season. Moreover, at the end of August all women of the group participated in a training course devoted to tree nurseries and the use of different tree species.

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Excavation of the foundation

First sand mound


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The cheque handover

How To Do An Outline For Research Paper. Should you are in need of a sheet of writing done for a test or a different assignment you can turn into an essay writer. Often folks will spending some some time re searching for your optimal/optimally essay author in Read more. Feb 01. Theories Of Governance Dissertation service . Theories of Governance , and * a large number of verdicts for civil actions * Prejudice Recently OASE has handed the donation over 10,000 € over to Mr. Franz from the organization arche nova e. V. and the construction of the sand dam begins now in April. OASE supported 22 women from the surrounding villages Kakungu, Kitikumu, Kivani and Ndithi who have to feed their families alone with this. The construction of the sand dam is a huge relief of everyday life for them. Picture (from the left): Kathrin Goletz, Birgit Scheidler, Linda Göcke (all OASE) and Christian Franz (arche nova).

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