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Extended Guarantee

Extended OASE guarantee on request

Based on the product, we can extend our advertised manufacturer guarantee by 1 year, or alternatively by an additional 2 years of guarantee time in specially identified cases, under the same guarantee conditions in the special cases advertised by the manufacturer, and only on special request, this is done regularly only on request. We grant the extension guarantee only to end customers who do not commercially resell the product (within only the costumer of the initial purchase). Landscapers, contractors, gardeners, pool builders, companies of facility management and aquarium fitters do not count as re buyers resp. specialist dealers within the meaning of the guarantee conditions.


The term of the guarantee period starts with the expiration of the first guarantee, with the prerequisite that the product was verifiably purchased from an OASE dealer. Therefore in the event of resale the guarantee period does not begin at a later point in time, nor does it start over again. The guarantee period is neither extended nor restarted through guarantee performances. At OASE’s discretion the guarantee performance extends to free-of charge repair of the defective part or replacement delivery of a comparable/equivalent value product with exclusion of more extensive claims. In addition, in a guarantee case, we shall accept the appropriate costs for sending in the defective product and the return delivery. More extensive Claims are excluded. The legal rights of the purchaser are not limited by this guarantee. The guarantor is: OASE GmbH, Postfach 2069, 48469 Hörstel , Germany.


The extension guarantee can be acquired either through online registration or via the OASE-Hotline +49 5 41/9 33 99 98 00 (at the standard rate from the UK landline network) with submission of a copy of the original purchase receipt at:  www.oase-livingwater.com/en_EN/water-garden/support/guarantee/extended-guarantee.html


In the absence of a deviating agreement, OASE collects your data exclusively for processing of the described guarantee, particularly for assurance of your identity and verification of the purchase object and the time of purchase. This data is used solely by OASE and is not disclosed to any third party.



We use your personal data only to the extent required for execution and processing of the contract. Furthermore we would like to inform you of new products via regular mail, email, telephone and fax. We will request your express consent in this regard at the appropriate point, to the extent necessary. You can notify us at any time if you no longer want to receive such information by contacting us on our Hotline +49 5 41/9 33 99 98 00.


If you purchase goods from us, in the future we will send information emails to you for similar goods. Even if a consent is not required, at any time you can request that you no longer receive such information emails from us. In this regard please contact us via e-mail at enquiries@oase-livingwater.com. Otherwise please take note of our Data Protection Policy at  www.oase-livingwater.com/en_EN/water-garden/meta/privacy-policy.html

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