OASE Living Water

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why does a Bitron have to be at least 2 m away from the pond? Would a shorter distance be harmful to the fish?
  2. Which pump types are particularly suitable for filtration systems?
  3. How big should the filtration system be?

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Pond construction

  1. Which pump is suitable for which pond?
  2. What do I need to build a pond?
  3. Which factors do I need to consider when selecting the pond environment?

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Pond care

  1. Do UV bulbs really help against algae infestation; what if the pond gets a lot of sunlight?
  2. What can be done to either protect against or fight increased algae infestation
  3. What prevents parasite infestation with koi?

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Light in the garden

  1. Is the Lunaqua 10 transformer watertight?

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  1. Where can I find an OASE dealer in my area?
  2. How long should a hose be?
  3. How thick should a hose be?

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