OASE Living Water

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I be aware of as far as child safety is concerned?

First the legal aspect: The Düsseldorf District Court (AZ.: 22 & 272/92) ruled as follows: A property owner must secure his property in such a manner that other people cannot be injured on it (traffic safeguarding obligation).

This traffic safeguard obligation is violated if the property owner does not safeguard his garden pond in such a manner that children, particularly those children who are not from the area, can fall into the garden pond. A visible delimitation of the property is not considered sufficient – there must be a physical barrier, which keeps the children from entering the property unhindered.

In general ensure that there is flat bank access if possible to prevent sudden falling in. The pond owner is obligated to initiate safety measures in a manner appropriate for him.

Safeguard measures include wire mesh fencing like nets over the pond, as well as a steel grid mounted under the water surface.