OASE Living Water

Bitron C

Schematic diagram: UVC clarifier in combination with OASE BioTec ScreenMatic² flow-through filter

Top product characteristics

  • Clever bypass system combines high flow rates with duration of radiation
  • Permanent self-cleaning thanks to patented cleaning rotor
  • Highly effective against suspended algae, bacteria and germs

Product details

Automatic cleaning rotor

The automatic cleaning rotor is continuously guided around the quartz glass tube by the water flow and prevents debris from settling.

Closure technology

Quick release closure for easy opening of the bulb housing. A safety switch deactivates the UVC bulb automatically for protection against eye injury.

Throttle handle

Easy adjustment of the water flow rate.

Inspection window

The function of the UVC bulb can be checked at any time through the inspection window.


Do not forget to replace UVC bulbs regularly, ideally in the spring!

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